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Let's face it - free time is hard to come by. And in the rare moments there's nothing on the schedule, the last thing you want is to spend time filling out manual paperwork for your next vehicle in person.

But here at AutoNation Subaru, a trusted Subaru dealership serving the Phoenix area, this doesn't have to be your experience. We allow you to save time and complete the new Subaru shopping process at your own pace through our digital retail tools! With transparent online car buying options, you can proceed towards the purchase or lease of your next symmetrical all-wheel drive Subaru from a comfy position seated at home.

Preview some of these digital retail tools before getting started on personalizing payments, evaluating a potential trade-in, submitting a finance application and much more!

Your trusted Phoenix Retailers are committed to providing you the best online car buying experience. Evaluate your trade, personalize your payments and even apply for financing using our quick and easy tools. Experience the Subaru Difference. Purchase your dream car at your pace from your local Phoenix Subaru retailer.

Personalize a Payment

Ready to customize your monthly payment and determine what you can afford with all financing figures considered? With this personalize my payment tool, you can factor everything from down payments to term length and loan amount into this financing equation. This transparent digital retail option allows you to narrow down options and arrive at a monthly payment estimate you're comfortable with.

Evaluate Your Trade-In

Wonder what your current car is worth? Our digital retail trade-in evaluation tool objectively measures a vehicle's background and condition while analyzing marketplace trends. The end result is a fair estimate backed by data to move forward with the trade-in process confidently.

Guaranteed Trade-In

Apply for Financing

Used to filling out auto financing paperwork by hand? Complete the entire process online and save significant time with Subaru digital retail! You're now one step closer to securing an auto loan for your dream vehicle without wasting an extra trip in.

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